Kids grow up wholly too fast !!!

They cuddle up next to you in a tiny blanket and the next they are walking and talking. Soon after they are headed off to first day of school. Time passes all too quickly and that is why it is imperative to preserve those precious moments.

Create a Own Diary for your Kids

Owning a website on your kids name is the perfect way to cherish every moment of a child's memory. The trend of registering is enduring to grow with tech savvy parents.

Gift your Kids & Re-Live the Moment

Once you register your child's domain name it does not have to stay idle, use it as a funny way to remember their childhood milestones by posting pictures, videos, professional portfolio, resume or even a blog for family all over the world to see.

“ We do not know what the future will hold for our kids”

They may end up being the next Abdul Kalam and their domain name could be worth millions. Having a own website will allow your kids to build a personal or professional identity.

Don't let your kid lose the opportunity of having a website in their name



Private & Secure

If you want your kids content to be very safe in internet, Yes, you are on the right place. We have an option to make everything as private, with your specified user name and password only the website will be unlocked. Safeguard for your family over the Internet !!!

Start Blogging

Funny way to start writing the small yaps of your kids about their first walking, smiling, very first moment of speech and add all you want. Make an article with specific timelines along with elegant photos which will create a history of your Kids in a fine day.

Photos & Videos

Create your own specific albums with timeline categories and upload all the photos & videos of your kids and share the moments. Along with photos, new channel will be created and integrated in the name your kids for the video sharing.

Diary Comments

If your kids dream comes true in to reality, the people start coverage your kids each steps. Now, the way of spreading their love and wishes for your each articles and photos through their comments, make your kids to boost next level. So, we have Integrated user friendly wishing platform to post comments for your kids diary.

Personal Gifts

Make your kids and family best pic to be in Coffee Mugs, Yearly Calendar with your kids photo frames and surprisingly more events and stages are waiting for your kids from our portal. Now, it's time to cheer up and stand with your kids to join with us and attain more.

Share the moments

Place where all the parents together for an discussion about the do and don'ts of Kids, General Discussions, Health Care Discussions, Activities of each kids, Way of educating the kids, Grandpa/Grandma's Caring Methods, Amazing video collections of kids, Practice of Self development and much more coming on... Stay tuned !!!




Rs.2500 /year

  • 1 Domain Name
  • 30 GB Email Space



Rs.5000 /year

  • 1 Domain Name
  • 30 GB Email Space
  • 1 GB Web Space
  • * Story writing about your kids
  • * Photos & Videos sharing in your kids website
  • * Private and public sharing
      (security integrated)
  • * Get yearly calendar of your kids *
  • * Get Coffee mugs with your best family picture
  • * Place of parenthoods to discuss about all
       kids related news
  • * Promote your kids to participate in contest *
  • * Get daily sms alert to take care the way of
      kids (From Grandma and grandpa’s)
  • * Kids Online Purchase *
  • * Kids medical suggestions
      (From senior doctors) *